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So you wanna know what a tangelo is? It’s a hybrid juicy citrus fruit. A mix between a tangerine or a mandarin orange and a grapefruit. Or something like that. Tastes kinda like a tangerine … good in a signature martini.

So why tangelos for our team blog? Well most of the cheeses we could agree on were taken so we moved on. Say it out loud. Tangelos. It’s fun.

We don’t know what this blog is about yet. We just know that we have stuff to say. We’ll let you know what it’s about when we figure it out.

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  1. May 21, 2009 3:09 pm


    I wanted to write because we’ve been following a number of sites related to market research at Arc90. I’ve enjoyed reading Tangelos. I work for Arc90 (, a consulting and product firm in NYC. We recently released an idea management and collaboration web application called Kindling (

    Since you often write about all things related to market research, I wonder if you’d be interested in reviewing Kindling. We could set you up with a free account for 30 days so that you could take a look and give us your feedback.

    Thanks in advance and let me know if you’d like to demo Kindling so I can get that up and running for you!

    Kamni Khan

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