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General Mills and Kellogg are feeding America.

April 28, 2009

According to Vicki Escarra, president-CEO of Feeding America,  one in eight Americans are struggling with hunger. And food banks are trying to keep up with the 30% increase in the need for food assistance.

General Mills and Kellogg have stepped in to assist. From the Ad Age article about the charitable donations,

General Mills, through its Hamburger Helper brand, will give up to 3.5 million meals to various food banks. Kellogg Co. is donating an entire day’s cereal production, more than 55 million servings, valued at about $10 million.

Kellogg has been a longtime donor of Feeding America, which was formerly known as America’s Second Harvest.

You can help combat our nation’s hunger crisis by going to  For every $5 you donate to Feeding America, Kellogg will send you $5 in coupons.  Through General Mills’ Hamburger Helper brand, you can enter UPC codes from box tops at or by bringing shelf stable products to Beyonce concerts.

These brands are doing a great deed by providing their services and food products for those who are in need.  And right now, more and more people are in need because of job loss and foreclosure.  We are always looking to brands to do the right thing, to stand for something, just like Haagen Dazs is doing by helping honey bees.

General Mills and Kellogg Co are two brands we need to look at as inspiration for what our brands can achieve for others and for themselves during this economic hardship.

We need to start by asking ourselves, How can we help?

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