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Trust the one you’re with

April 24, 2009

I spend a lot of time thinking about the mathematics associated with daily tasks and how we need to use our time wisely.  Without brushing, the average adult would lose their teeth by age twenty given all the sugar we consume.  No brushing.  No smiling.  No kissing.  No birds and the bees….no need for kid’s toothbrushes. Brushing is a wise choice.

1. We spend a lot of time with our hand in our mouth…..brushing, flossing, picking and whitening.
About six minutes a day on average …that’s 2,190 minutes a year or 179,580 minutes over  82 years….that’s  2,993 hours in a lifetime.
Everybody should become a brushing sensei…well, at least by 40 {that would require 1,460 hours of brushing}

2. Brushing, is exercise for your teeth.  It’s a positive habit.
One of our most humble activities sets a real precedent; everyone’s daily ritual, that provides a benchmark for a positive habit that makes our life better, healthier and makes you more pleasant to be around… This simple activity is used as an example when trying to change one’s life: soon (a daily meditation/a 20 minute jog around the park/eating a healthy breakfast/other goal) will be as easy as brushing your teeth.
And, healthy, clean teeth protect you against heart disease…go figure.

3. Did you tell the truth?
Did you brush your teeth?  Did you wash behind your ears? The same truth factor resounds in every household with small children… Kids are forming an alliance with a brand they will learn to trust and use in a lifelong ritual.

4. You need a steady hand and advice you can trust.
Isn’t it interesting? When do we think about brushing our teeth?  We don’t.  We just do it.  It’s one of those things we take for granted, like breathing…an automatic response and yet, you try going one morning without the toothbrush or some toothpaste!  Clearly, we have come to be dependent on the brush.

5. You gotta trust the brush.
Walk into any supermarket and try to figure out which brush to buy – there are the usual soft, medium or hard (too soft, I won’t clean my teeth properly, too hard, I’ll strip the enamel off my teeth). Then, there are brushes with rubber bristles, brushes bent like a dental instrument to give extra ‘reach’ (so I don’t need a flip top head, apparently), brushes with graduated surfaces, brushes with tongue cleaners and on, and on….  And the accompanying emotion of ‘what is right for me?’ You gotta trust the brush.  It’s like any relationship, it either works or it doesn’t.

Trust the one you’re with.

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