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T.J. Oshie — You’ve Been Oshied vs. T.J. For Mayor

April 17, 2009

t-j-oshieT. J. Oshie is my favorite player on the St. Louis Blues. He’s having a great rookie season and the fans have really embraced him. He plays tough and has great hockey sense. He finished the season being named rookie of the month for March with 13 points and a +6 rating in 14 games. He won goal of the year in’s Fan’s Choice Awards with his move on Roberto Luongo earlier this year. The Blues face Vancouver and Mr. Luongo again tonight in Game 2 of the first round of playoffs for Lord Stanley’s Cup in about 15 minutes.  Go Blues!

Let’s enjoy that goal of the year again before I get to the point.  And, yes, I do have a point on digital whatnot. But first, the goal of the year.

That was sweet. Hope he tries it again during the series.

But wait. There’s more. The kid can hit. He drilled Rick Nash of the Blue Jackets not once, but twice last month. The second hit is the one that made him legend on the hockey boards in town. Nash was coming at him for payback and he laid him out, picked up the puck and skated away. Both of his hits on Nash, while violent and bone crunching, were legal. T.J. has a signature shoulder move that flips guys football style. Witness it:


The two time demolition of Nash had fans in a frenzy. I was watching the board on when, real time, fans were debating what to put on a “You’ve Been Oshied” t-shirt. The t-shirt dude was collaborating with fans on copy. In the middle of the chatter a fan said he was going to put “Oshied” in the Urban Dictionary; a few minutes later he posted a link with the definition they’d been working on immortalized in the wiki.  Meanwhile, the t-shirt guy kept working and the final shirt was produced and up online at (graphic above) within three days, promoted through fan sites and seen around town.  Around this time the guys over at started calling T.J. King of St. Louis. And a fan started a Vote4Oshie site to corronate him with a write in campaign for mayor. (We just had elections and whatnot.) Seems the poor sod took a picture of his ballot and posted it online, accidentally breaking the law; you can’t lifecast your vote. This made the news locally in the St. Louis Post Dispatch and on The guys over at think prosecuting the guy is wrong, so they sent a tip to Puck Daddy at Yahoo Sports who wrote a post about it.  Yesterday it was a headline story on the front page of

So I have two points. 1) T.J. Oshie is awesome. And 2) his brand is being co-created by his fans online, from Oshied to King of St. Louis to compilations of his highlights on You Tube to fan sites to Facebook groups. Watching it happen real time online has been fun. I’ll be at the game next Tuesday to see the sea of Oshie jerseys in the stands. Last I read, it was outselling other jerseys 3 to 1.

Go Blues!

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  1. April 18, 2009 10:10 pm

    Bruins are running the playoffs. No question

  2. Stacy Hull permalink
    April 20, 2009 3:43 pm

    Shameless stalking. If I had his e-mail address I’d send him this. You know he’s only 22. Way to go Mrs. Robinson.

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