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Geico & Viral Videos

March 27, 2009

Interesting story in Brandweek about Geico parodying famous viral videos.  Basically they are redoing several really famous web videos with the gecko and other Geico icons inserted.  Geico is a You Tube star. The Gecko has a You Tube channel. But more importantly, there are lots of consumer generated “Geico” spots. The genius here is that they are riding the wave created by consumer generated content and plugging their brand into it. And in a big way, redoing the greatest hits of the web, like Numa Numa.

Let’s walk through this and observe.  First, the Geico “Talking Money” commercial.

Searching on You Tube, I saw a video about the making of the song featured in the commercial, a remix of Rockwell’s “Somebody’s Watching Me” by Mysto & Pizzi.

From the video I learned that the song is available for free download at  With about eight ways to share it with your friends.  I Twittered it.  Cool. Other people seem to have used the song to make their own Somebody’s Watching Me/Talking Money executions.

Meanwhile, the folks at Martin were out cajoling viral video stars into doing a reprise of their roles with the hit remix and cameos of The Gecko and the Talking Money.  Here’s the new Numa Numa with the new song.  Spot the money and the Gecko in the background.

The parody is almost as much fun as the original Numa Numa.   We posted about it before, but just for fun, here it is the original for comparison.

That was a fun walk through pop culture, viral videos and a really smart marketer with an agency working all the angles. Props to the Martin team.

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