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Contrarian on Twitter

March 26, 2009

Just peeped some recent posts on Ad Contrarian. He really hates Twitter. This quote from a post titled “The ROI on Bullshit” had me cracking up.

Personally, I believe the correct answer is social media as a giant fucking waste of time.

Here’s my experience. As the head of a company, I’ll often walk into someone’s office and find that she’s engaged in social media. She will immediately try to close out of the page. However, the eye is quicker than the hand.

Based on this, I have created an algorithm to calculate the observed ratio between doing something productive for the business in social media and wasting fucking time in social media. Here are the results:

Doing something productive: 0%
Wasting fucking time: 100%

Now let’s be honest here. I have nothing against wasting fucking time. I’ve pretty much made a career out of it. But let’s not bullshit each other either. Let’s not pretend that all that time you’re spending with Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn is doing anything other than helping you get laid, hired, or high.

Jon Stewart is also over it.  Alternative points of view on the Twitter phenomenon are worth exploring.  Thoughts?

I think the jury is still out. Sure Twitter is a waste of time.  TV is also a waste of time.  So what?  We can reach consumers, tell stories and sell stuff while people waste time doing all manner of silly things. The question about ROI is can we sell more stuff if we add social objects and content and so forth to traditional narrative. My hunch is yes. So I Twitter, watch and learn.

Confidential to the Contrarian a.k.a. Bob Hoffman of Hoffman/Lewis: If you come to St. Louis to visit your other office, do stop by RT for cookies and milk in the planning lair. We love salty talk, cranky ad guys and a good debate.

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