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What a way to learn about social!

March 13, 2009

P&G did it right and righteous.

In order to raise money for charity AND teach their top executives about the power of social media, they paired 100 of their North American marketing directors with 40 digital media and agency executives in a contest to sell Tide T-shirts for charity.  This challenge quickly became “a four-hour reality show aired largely in social media” according to Ad Age.

More than 2,000 Tide T-shirts were sold for charity at P&G's 'Digital Hack Night.'
In all, the four-team effort, which included executives from Google, Facebook, MySpace, Intuit and a host of other digital players, raised about $50,000 directly for the charity Feeding America and another $50,000 in a match from the Tide brand.
Some of the highlights:
  • Only $4,000 or so spent in media to sell 2,000 t-shirts at $20/shirt.
  • Hit Twitter’s top 10 trending topics
  • Industry giants hawking their services via YouTube videos
  • Numurous participants streamed, blogged, and tweeted about the event
  • Content syndication efforts with links across multiple sites
  • Emails were sent, naturally

My first response is like many, only P&G could pull this type of thing off.

But upon further reflection, why couldn’t someone else?  Really, why couldn’t we all try something like this?  Maybe without some of the amazing digital players they got to come out to Cinnci on a Wednesday night in March,  but hey, experience is the only way to learn this stuff right?  Can’t we come up with something like this on our own?  How can we PROVE the power of the medium rather just keep talking about it?

Sometimes I forget that a little playing in the medium is all it takes.  Take this blog . . . just an exercise in trying it out.


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  1. Crystal permalink*
    March 17, 2009 6:07 pm

    I’m down. We already have an unofficial goal to have a hit viral video. I’ve been recording footage of Mary Pat being random as b-roll. But we can set a full on social King of The Known Universe goal — or something more doable like t-shirts or cool like winning the SPAM account — and go for it. Come to the huddle tomorrow and let’s cuss and discuss. Terrific gauntlet to throw down Melissa.

    And yes, I would love to work on SPAM. That’s my contribution to the Prove It list of ideas: Woo SPAM.

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