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Agency Spy shares some pretty serious gossip.

February 12, 2009

The world of Agency Spy consists of sharing agency gossip with the world in a blog format, pure and simple.  And thank goodness for that.  Where would I be if I didn’t know that two agency folk in New York were rompin’ in the office or that Twitter is looking into ways to gain some revenue by making brands pay to use new programs implemented by the social networking service.  How does Agency Spy get this info?  Well, from its anonymous sources, no doubt.

With the recent and not-so-recent layoffs at ad firms, you can bet a good amount of gossip is coming into the hands of the Agency Spy crew. First, I noticed them posting info about layoffs.  How many, when, which agencies, and so on.  Sometimes they post about layoffs that haven’t even  happened yet.  

Recently, it seems they’ve started a Twitter feed called where they post the latest and greatest worstest of layoffs. They currently have a following of 1,655 people and 196 updates.  

My question is this: Has Agency Spy gone too far in sharing this sensitive information?  

A ‘Yes’ answer might be … since Agency Spy focused in on one thing, the one thing that has everyone depressed and scared for their jobs lives, it seems like bad form to use a seemingly harmless social networking tool to exploit that bad news.  Aren’t agencies and their respective PR reps getting upset when they see their layoffs being tweeted about?  Ad agency layoffs as a POV just doesn’t seem to fit the Twitter medium, which to me, is about sharing sometimes frivolous informal status updates of a brand, celeb or ordinary person.  

So, as to not piss off my humongo fan base  …

A ‘No’ answer might be … To the PR reps and agency big shots that don’t like the info leaking out, people are going to find out the bad news eventually.  In this economic environment, you just can’t control that information.  It’s almost as if people need to hear about other people’s pain so they don’t feel so alone.  And maybe that’s why Agency Spy started the Twitter feed.  Not only is it a way for everyone to embrace the suckiness this industry – not to mention pretty much everyone else – is going through and hold hands, but it’s also an easy way for Agency Spy to aggregate the information.  

I’m not sure which side of the hay penny I land on, but I do know Agency Spy is using Twitter in an unexpected way.  And that’s worth blogging about.

Make sure you check out their tweets on the layoffs.

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  1. Crystal permalink*
    February 12, 2009 5:16 pm

    What a depressing thing to follow on Twitter, but it does kind of show what people are interested in in the business these days.

    My favorite link is the people caught on tape doing it in the office and Agency Spy critiquing the performance.

    Agency Spy clearly is a public servant telling us the good snarky word.

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