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Can You Live on 100 Yuan a Week?

February 7, 2009

Americans have been tightening their belts and getting thrifty. We’ve all heard about recessionistas.  We’ve all seen the hand wringing of a consumer culture coping with a new frugality. How will we live? Will our way of life survive if everyone brown bags their lunch, drives an old car, reuses and saves? In typical American fashion, the focus has been very local. We know the recession is global. But we often don’t explore the implications across cultures and economies.

This interesting story from CNN highlights the thrift trend kicked off by a young professional who blogs about living on 100 yuan a week to save money to keep his apartment. It’s become a community and a happening as folks follow his lead and find saving a struggle. The economic pressures, consumer and cultural response and online social networking is very familiar.

Shoestring Living in China {Lame Link to CNN, But Great Story}

On a side note, I really wanted to embed the video to this story so you could see this guy get his thrift on, but CNN video and WordPress don’t play nice together. And all CNN videos aren’t on You Tube, which does play nice with WordPress. I almost didn’t post this because it was such a hassle to get the content. I’m posting it anyway and hoping you’ll click through on an old skool link. Reminds me of another universal social media phenomenon: if it’s not easy to share, it barely exists.

CNN, tear down that wall.

WordPress, make it easier.

Wang Hao, keep on keepin on.

More details on Can You Live on 100 Yuan a Week? phenomenon with interesting mix of English and (I think) Chinese on this blog post repurposing an article from Chinese Radio International. The blog looks cooler.

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