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Superbowl Ads – The Mourning After

February 6, 2009

Tim Rodgers is all over the St. Louis Business Journal with his Superbowl advertising analysis.  Check out the piece titled The Mourning After.

“I like to think that the Doritos ad that won was partially because Doritos has done such as good job of promoting their “amateur” concept that people look forward to it and hope the non-professionals win.”

“Personally, I liked the other Doritos spot, “Lucky Day,” much better because it was actually based on something about the product — crunchiness.”

“I’m not usually a big fan of the work but I thought the “It’s Time” 60-second spot was really good in that it repetitively drove home the signals that should tell you it’s time to contact them.  A little over-the-top for sure, but sometimes that’s what it takes.  Not sure how they got punching the koala past the A.S.P.C.A., but that’s not my problem.”

Check out the piece to read more of Tim’s take on the big game.

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