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T Mobile Life’s for Sharing

February 5, 2009

I was clicking around the other day and saw quite a bit of chatter about T-Mobile’s Life’s for Sharing campaign. Tweets with links to blog posts. Creative work coming up on Stumble Upon. And quite the build out on a dedicated You Tube channel.  

This has got 2.8 million views on You Tube and counting. It’s a great ad taking on the whole social coming together thing with a wonderful flash mob moment in a London train station.  And a call to the big dance on You Tube for all you content creators out there.  

I think I got hip to this from this terrific post from Crackunit.  What I love about this insightful post is that he really takes on the “so what now” issue and lays out a persuasive argument that creative work along these lines is starting to look alike.  The issue will land right back in our laps as strategists very soon.

“I guess it’s inevitable that we should end up with a bunch of not-dissimilar ads when everyone’s briefs contain words like sharing, or connection, or enablement. And given that infinite, always-on connections have changed the world in untold ways your brand would look a little out-of-touch if you didn’t at least nod to these things.”

Hmm.  Before we’ve even solved for how to address the culture change ripping cross the land, we’re already at the point where we need to think up something sharper to say and newer to do in relationship to it.  I think Iain Tait has thrown down the gauntlet for briefs.  If you find yourself writing sharing, connection or enable you are about 10 minutes away from being trite.  Time to sharpen those pencils.  

I’ll take the challenge and write past those easy words and dig for more.  Who’s with me?

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  1. MelissaHamilton permalink
    February 5, 2009 3:55 pm

    Can I add engagement? dialogue? viral? pass-along? community? social networking?

    So far “movement” hasn’t bothered me but I assume it will soon.

    The “so what” is so important. If the stunt isn’t connected to a brand or product benefit then anyone could pull off the stunt. To avoid an “insert product here” moment, we have to figure out why we want pass along not just the fact that one should pass something along.

    BUT (to comment on my own comment) these stunts and silly ideas are still gaining attention like the 2.8MM views – look at the Super bowl’s #1 spot . . . any snack could have put themselves in that vending machine, it didn’t have to be Doritos. BUT Doritos thought of the silly idea first and TADA it got attention.

    It’s a creative challenge to marry stunt and product benefit – which to your point Crystal starts with a little research, knowledge of the product/ brand and the brief.

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