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Can you spot the differences between the two ads? Warning: Spoiler Alert!

January 26, 2009

kettle-one-5-differences1The Lair recently came upon the  Kettle One ad – done by M&C Saatchi – pictured to the left.  In it, Kettle One asks you to find five differences between the two bottles pictured.  When one actually analyzes the two pictures, word for word, graphic for graphic, one would see that there are, in fact, NO differences between the two bottles.

That could either piss you off because you spent all that time looking at it and now feel stupid.  Or it could piss you off because you didn’t come up with it yourself.

The Lair took the latter approach.

Our conclusion:

While we were discouraged that there really were no differences between the two, we decided it was a brilliant ad.  I mean, all five of us stopped what we were doing to look at it.  And I use the word ‘look’ loosely – we stared, read the bottle copy and stared some more.  When we couldn’t figure it out, we talked about it.  Yes, that brand not only got our attention and engaged us, but actually tore us away from our computers and made us talk about it.

If you are the type to get pissy about this form of trickery, maybe Kettle One is not targeting you in the first place.  Take a look at the other ads they’ve done.  Just as quirky, right?  So, if you didn’t like those, then just go drink your Grey Goose, you poser.

Just kidding.

I imagine a follow-up ad to the one pictured to the left to go something like this:

Dear Kettle One Drinker

Fooled you!

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  1. Crystal permalink*
    January 30, 2009 9:23 pm

    Stared at this ad for 20 minutes. Now that’s a print ad.

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