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google goggles

October 9, 2008

Google has introduced a new application called Goggle Mail Goggles that is an attempt to save people from the morning after OMG what did I say moments. You can download and activate the service on your gmail account for free. You chose the times you want the program to to be activated. (say Friday and Saturday nights, for example) When you’re in that window, you have to answer a series of simple math problems that might not be so difficult sober but if you’re having trouble answering them, you get a reminder from Google that right now might not be the best time to send that love note.

More funny than useful, but this really shows Google putting their consumer insights team to work in aiding in developing new applications. Email Addict is another Google feature built on a consumer insight -the addiction to email checking and gchatting. It forces you to take a break from work, periodically shutting out e-mail and chat for 15 minutes at a time. As a former drunk dialing addict in my college days and a current email/gchat addict – it feels like they are talking right to me!

An L.A Times blogger on the subject sites other tech devices that are designing answers to the same program. “Cellphone manufacturer LG includes a breathalyzer on three of its phones — the LG-SD410, LG-KP4100 and LG-LP4100. But it’s just for informational purposes. It won’t block calls to your employer or phone you a taxi when you blow a 0.08. In the U.S., some T-Mobile subscribers have found a work-around to save themselves from inebriation-induced embarrassment. The wireless carrier offers a service called Family Allowances for parents to set up blocks on certain numbers for their child’s phone. It turned out to be a fine solution for protecting your sober self against your drunken self, but that wasn’t the company’s intention. “Family Allowances allows parents to easily manage when and how their kids use their T-Mobile phones,” company spokesman Dave Henderson said in an e-mail response to our question about whether the T-Mobile deliberately offers a drunk dialing lockout. “This was designed for families however, not the scenario you’re writing about.”

I wonder what will be next? Can someone really save me from late night Face-booking?

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