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Crave is Calling – White Castle Booty Call

September 24, 2008

I saw a funny commercial from White Castle tonight where the product, a bbq slider, makes a booty call to this guy who’s about to get busy on the couch and he goes running out the door to White Castle.  When you go to the site Crave is Calling they have made the pimped out product calling story element available for download.  They want people to make their own spots and upload them to the campaign’s You Tube channel.  There’s only one piece of user generated content on the official You Tube channel, but this hysterical response using the story element is outside the official channel but still on You Tube.

What’s interesting to me about this is the unleashing of the story element and establishing a premise consumers can work with, the notion that a craving for White Castle is as compelling as a booty call.  Or however they decide to use the film.

It makes me wonder about the strategy of putting branded elements out there in ways that encourages remixing.  Even a remix that is somewhat negative like the one above where the guy is rejecting the call works in a wierd way.   The White Castle television commercials are just the jumping off point for a digital conversation, two to four levels deep:  microsite to You Tube to consumer posts to comments on posts.  Very interesting.

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