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Grand Theft Auto IV – Gaming & Consumer Content

August 31, 2008

The best selling game for the fist half of 2008 is Grand Theft Auto IV. According to Forbes, Rockstar games has sold 4.7 million compies of the game in the U.S. since the game launched in April. Near competitors for Top Game are titles for the Wii and Guitar Hero 3; however, Grand Theft Auto 4 is dominant.

This is where the male target audience is when you’re trying to reach them with advertising.

And what’s really interesting and relevant to strategists is that they bring expectations from video games to other content. Immersive experiences. Advanced animation. Fast game play. Alternative outcomes. Character development and storylines. Downloadable content. The ability to play online with friends. And on and on.

I’ve tried to learn how to play video games to keep up with this cultural phenomenon, but I got no skillz. I gave my PlayStation to my little cousins and became Cuz of the Year. But I discovered that we non-players can keep up with what gamers are experiencing by watching videos of the action on You Tube. Yay! A short cut!

So if you don’t play video games or have a gamer in your life, this clip will propel you into the know in five minutes. It has been viewed about 4.6 million times on You Tube. Interesting that the views are very close to unit sales-to-date. Correlation or causation?

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