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Matt vs. Matt

August 27, 2008

Anyone who knows me and hangs out in our lair for more than 15 minutes knows that I love to use salty language. It’s a hockey hang-over and it’s just fun to be naughty.

Profanity is all over the culture. Not judging it, just noting it (and actively participating). Get your swear on.

Anyway, we had a meeting today to talk about the digital zeitgeist and we ran into an interesting roadblock. As professionals who seek to influence the culture on behalf of our clients, we need to understand the culture. For better or worse, the culture is in many ways profane. People regularly seek out content online with a point-of-view or angle that can be called objectionable by some. We were planning to show a much-talked-about video from Jimmy Kimmel featuring Matt Damon and a response video featuring Ben Affleck to illustrate a point about viral videos, You Tube and The Conversation. You’ve probably seen them. If you haven’t, put two and two together and Google it.

Anyway. We ran into not exactly censorship, but definitely workplace carefulness and caution. Facing the Yellow Light, we opted to show a popular viral video titled Where The Hell is Matt, but we mentioned the Matt Damon and Ben Affleck videos.

What’s interesting is that while everyone enjoyed the video we showed, MP and I got repeated inquiries about The Forbidden Fruit after the meeting. Those who logged on found it hilarious. The edge, the line, the forbidden, the profane … the totally hysterical and worth talking about.

The debate over the naughtiness of the verboten Matt video vs. the uplifting celebration of the human spirit Matt video was an interesting topic of conversation down in our lair.

If you missed the Lunch & Learn today, here’s the Matt video we showed. Enjoy.

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