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Animal Crackers

August 25, 2008

Because of Animal Crackers, many kids until they reach the age of ten, believe a bear is as tall as a giraffe.


I came across this fun fact the other day, and it really made me think. Relativity, “the state of dependence in which the existence or significance of one entity is solely dependent on that of another”, is obviously inherent in human thinking and perception. It is how we make judgements every day. That is expensive. Relative to what? That idea is stupid. Relative to what? This is important. Relative to what? To make even the smallest decision, we rely on comparisons. If we were to remove relativity from our decision making process, we would be lost. Or would we have to rely on the object or idea’s sole merits to form our ideas?


Does relativity hinder or help our strategic process? How do you go about harnessing it? How do you use it, but not let it box you in?


Lofty thoughts from Kim on a Monday morning.

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  1. Crystal permalink*
    August 25, 2008 1:04 pm

    I love the focus on the thing itself and its merits … that could be mind expanding … this most really made me think.

  2. melissahamilton permalink
    August 25, 2008 1:06 pm

    Are there really “no new ideas” . . . we often hear “let’s do something like x . . . ” Can you remove relativity? Shouldn’t it inspire? Make one think?

    I think the “hinder or help” question is of personal perspective . . . use relativity to challenge you, not box you in. I am sure what was once stupid is now considered great.

    Come on, deck shoes and moccasins are back in fashion.

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